Cheerful Despair

Join two men on the right side of middle age and the wrong side of clinical obesity as they talk about basically nothing. Be disturbed by their absurd views and alarmed by how much you agree with them. For thirty minutes anything goes - this is cheerful despair. Scottish author David F Porteous is approximately one half of Cheerful Despair, find out more about him at his website David Candy is approximately the other half of Cheerful Despair, learn nothing about him at his youtube channel
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Jun 13, 2016

As relentless as the passing of time and the approach of a referendum on the political destiny of this Moderately Good Britain - so arrives another episode of Cheerful Despair, featuring:

  • The actual sound of regular segment Cross Quiz being written
  • Dried Homeless food
  • My favourite colour is anarchy
  • The actual sound of regular segment Debate Bag being written
  • Elon Musk vs Romanians working in Subway
  • How one man's hatred of furry animals gave us Velcro (other hook and loop fasteners are available)

Government will soon send you a letter explaining why you should listen to Cheerful Despair, but the Daily Mail thinks we're crap.

Trucking - Excelsior!

- dfp

Jun 6, 2016

With profuse apologies for the failure to keep our promises for weekly uploading - even though we specifically say in this episode that this is a thing which is happening - here is a bumper episode to make up for it.

Featuring regular segments Debate Bag and Cross Quiz, plus:

  • The former artist currently known as Prince - better or worse than your mum?
  • David Candy's obsession with the past
  • You're Pavloving yourself
  • The Power of Greyskull is self-confidence
  • He's got a pint of whole milk down his trousers
  • Sincere requests for you to send pictures of humus to @dfpiii. Please send pictures of humus. Do not send actual humus. We cannot stress this enough - do not send actual humus.
Resume trucking.